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    Executive Management Development Program
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    Executive Management Development Program

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Improve your management skills

The Executive Management Development Program (PPD) has as main objective to improve management skills of the departmental managers and to develop their capacities and their global approach. Therefore, while performing their duties, they can efficiently work with general management in achieving the objectives set out by the company.

This Program aims to transform managers specialized in their departments into professionals who understand the impact of their management on the results of the company and the need to work in coordination with the other departments within the company.

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LENGTH 9 months
PLACE Seville and Malaga
START Late 2023
SCHEDULE Full-time

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Why should you do the PPD Program with us?


Find out the impact your management has on the results of your company and become a multi-skilled executive with a wide business vision.


Develop the abilities and skills you need for problem analysis and diagnosis and decision-making processes.


Improve your ability to lead teams and people by getting their commitment and motivation.


Get involved with professionals from different industries and companies.


You will have highly experienced professors in Business Management.


You will meet clients, future partners or suppliers among our more than 10,000 alumni.

Case Study Method


  • Real and up-to-date business case studies and situations.
  • The writers belong to San Telmo’s faculty and you will meet people involved in those case studies in class.
  • Extra technical notes and conferences-colloquiums given by our faculty and leading experts are provided to strengthen your personal learning experience.


  • Improvement of decision-making processes to address managerial problems.
  • Motivation and team management to get people’s commitment.
  • Systems and tools for people management.
  • Awareness of the impact of our management on financial statements.
  • Planning and management of resources and their costs.
  • Planning and budget as managerial tools.
  • Investment planning and adjustment to reduce financial needs and their costs.
  • Monitoring objectives through indicators and control panels.
  • Process optimization to improve operative capacity.
  • Management of the supply chain with our clients and suppliers.
  • Development of a broader commercial approach in all departments for further guidance to clients and markets.
  • Management systems optimization through ICTs.
  • Understanding how the environment (economic, social, political, working, tax, etc.) has an impact on companies.
  • Managerial skills: leadership, decision-making, negotiation, communication and time management.
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The PPD Program addresses to:

  • Functional, departmental or regional business unit managers from medium and large-sized companies.
  • Small companies: self-employed businesspeople and liberal professionals. (Academic qualifications are not required).
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